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Water Systems 

Water filter


How It Works

The Heater Treater is installed on the feed water line just prior to the tankless water heater. As the water passes through the filter cartridge, the treatment media (uniquely located in the interior of the filter) slowly dissolves into the water supply, providing scale protection to the heater in several ways.

1.The treatment media interferes with the ability of the calcium and magnesium to crystallize or become scale when heated. This by itself is a very effective scale prevention process.

2.It lays down a thin protective coating on the interior of the heater (most importantly the heat exchanger) which does not allow any scale that might be created to adhere to the interior of the heater.

3.The 5 Micron filter provides added protection from rust, sediment or debris that could affect the operation of the heater.

Water Conditioner


How It Works

They reduce the chlorine/chloramine content in the water.  It is well known that these elements in the water are not a good thing. If you are concerned about the effects chlorine & chloramines in your water, suffer from dry or other skin conditions, and want to improve the taste and/or eliminate the odor from your water, a water conditioner is a good choice for you. (It does not reduce Hard water)

Water Softener


How It Works

Will remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. These two elements are what cause the hard water deposits, spotting, reduce the efficiency and life span of all water-using appliances around the home.


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